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Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") define the terms of use of the service provided on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this Service") by Good Trust Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). All registered users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") must use this Service in accordance with these Terms.

Article 1 (Application)

1. These Terms shall apply to all relationships between the Users and the Company regarding the use of this service.

2. In addition to these Terms, the Company may make various provisions (hereinafter referred to as "individual provisions") for the use of this service. These individual provisions, regardless of their name, shall constitute part of these Terms.

3. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of these Terms and the individual provisions of the preceding article, unless otherwise specified in the individual provisions, the provisions of the individual provisions shall take precedence.

Article 2 (User Registration)

1. In this service, the person who wishes to register shall apply for user registration by agreeing to these Terms and applying for user registration in the manner specified by the Company, and the Company shall notify the applicant of the approval, thereby completing the user registration.

2. The Company may not approve the application for user registration if it determines that the applicant for user registration has any of the following reasons, and is not obligated to disclose any reason for this.

a. If false information is provided in the application for user registration.

b. If the application is from a person who has violated these Terms.

c. If user registration is not appropriate for any other reason.

Article 3 (Management of User ID and Password)

1. The Users shall appropriately manage the Users ID and password of this service at their own risk.

2. The Users may not, under any circumstances, transfer, lend, or share their user ID and password with a third party. The Company may consider the use of the user ID to be by the Users who registered the user ID if the combination of the user ID and password matches the registered information.

3. Except in cases of intentional or gross negligence, the Company is not liable for any damages arising from the use of the user ID and password by a third party.

Article 4 (Usage Fees and Payment Methods)

1. The Users shall pay the usage fee displayed on this website by the method specified by the Company as consideration for the paid part of this service.

2. If the Users fail to pay the usage fee by the due date, the Users shall pay the Company a late fee at the rate of 14.6% per annum.

Article 5 (Prohibited Conduct)

The Users shall not engage in any of the following activities in connection with the use of the Service:

1. Actions in violation of any laws or public order and morals.

2. Actions associated with criminal activities.

3. Any and all acts of dishonesty or impropriety, including but not limited to forgery and plagiarism of certificates.

4. Actions contrary to the purpose of the Service, or the improper use of certificate information to commit fraud against others.

5. Actions that destroy or interfere with the functionality of the servers or networks of the Company, other Users of the Service, or third parties.

6. Actions that may potentially obstruct the operation of the Company's services.

7. Actions involving the collection or accumulation of personal information, etc., of other Users.

8. Actions involving unauthorized access or attempts thereof.

9. Actions involving impersonation of other Users.

10. Actions involving the direct or indirect provision of benefits to antisocial forces in connection with the Company's services.

11. Actions that infringe upon the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy, reputation, or any other rights or interests of the Company, other Users of the Service, or third parties.

12. Actions involving the posting or transmission of content on the Service that includes, or is determined by the Company to include, the following expressions:

a. Excessively violent expressions.

b. Explicitly sexual expressions.

c. Expressions leading to discrimination based on race, nationality, creed, gender, social status, family origin, etc.

d. Expressions inducing or promoting suicide, self-harm, or drug abuse.

e. Other antisocial content causing discomfort to others.

13. Actions with the following purposes, or actions determined by the Company to have the following purposes:

a. Business, advertising, publicity, solicitation, or any other profit-making activities (except those permitted by the Company).

b. Actions with the purpose of engaging in sexual or obscene activities.

c. Actions with the purpose of seeking encounters or relationships with unacquainted individuals of the opposite sex.

d. Actions with the purpose of harassing or defaming other Users.

e. Actions with the purpose of causing disadvantage, damage, or discomfort to the Company, other Users of the Service, or third parties.

f. Actions involving the use of the Service for purposes other than those intended by the Service.

14. Actions involving religious activities or solicitation to religious organizations.

15. Any other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company.

Article 6 (Suspension of Service Provision, etc.)

1. The Company may, without prior notice to the Users, suspend, interrupt, or terminate the provision of all or part of the Service to a specific User or all Users if it determines that any of the following reasons exist:

a. When maintenance, inspection, or updating of the computer system related to the Service is necessary.

b. When the provision of the Service becomes difficult due to force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning, fires, power outages, or natural disasters.

c. When the computer or communication lines, etc., are stopped due to an accident.

d. When there is a violation of the prohibited matters defined by the Company.

e. When the Company deems the actions of a specific User within the Service to be inappropriate.

f. When the Company deems it inappropriate due to nuisance acts, including reputation damage caused by external postings related to the Service.

g. When the Company determines that it is difficult to continue providing the Service due to social reasons or other reasons.

h. Other cases where the Company determines that it is difficult to provide the Service.

2. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the Users or a third party due to the suspension or interruption of the provision of the Service. Also, the Company will not refund any amounts deposited as service usage fees.

Article 7 (Copyright)

1. The Users may use the Service and post or upload information such as text, images, and videos only if they own the necessary intellectual property rights, including copyrights, or have obtained the necessary permissions from the rights holders.

2. The copyright of the text, images, and videos posted or uploaded by the User using the Service shall be reserved to the Users or other existing rights holders. However, the Company may use the text, images, and videos posted or uploaded using the Service to the extent necessary for the improvement, quality enhancement, correction of deficiencies, and publicity and promotion of the Service, and the Users shall not exercise the moral rights of the author in relation to this use.

3. Except as provided in the main text of the preceding paragraph, all copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to the Service and all information related to the Service belong to the Company or the rights holders who have authorized the Company to use them. The Users shall not reproduce, transfer, lend, translate, modify, reprint, publicly transmit (including making transmittable), transmit, distribute, publish, or use for commercial purposes without permission.

Article 8 (Usage Restrictions and Registration Cancellation)

1. The Company may, without prior notice, delete posted data, restrict the Users from using all or part of the Service, or cancel the user registration if the Users fall under any of the following:

a. If there is a violation of any provision of these Terms.

b. If it is found that there are false facts in the registered information.

c. If the credit card reported by the Users for payment is suspended.

d. If there is a default in payment obligations such as fees.

e. If there is no response to communication from the Company for more than two weeks.

f. If the Service has not been used for more than three months since the last use.

g. Other cases where the Company deems the use of the Service to be inappropriate.

2. If any of the items in the preceding paragraph applies, the Users shall lose the benefit of the term for all debts owed to the Company and must immediately pay all debts owed at that time in a lump sum.

3. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Users due to actions taken by the Company based on this article.

Article 9 (Exclusion of Antisocial Forces)

1. The Users warrant the following:

a. That they are not an organized crime group, a company related to an organized crime group, a corporate racketeer, or a person or member equivalent to these (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Antisocial Forces").

b. That the organization in which they serve as an officer (referring to an employee who executes business, a director, an executive officer, or a person equivalent to these) is not an Antisocial Force.

c. That they do not allow Antisocial Forces to use their name to use the Service. d. That during the use of the Service, they will not engage in, or cause a third party to engage in, any of the following acts or equivalent acts:

2. Acts of threatening language or behavior or the use of violence against the Company.

3. Acts of obstructing the Service or damaging the credit by using deception or force.

Article 10 (Withdrawal)

The Users may withdraw from the Service by following the withdrawal procedures established by the Company.

Article 11 (Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability)

1. The Company does not explicitly or implicitly warrant that the Service is free of de facto or legal flaws (including but not limited to defects, errors, or bugs related to safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, fitness for a particular purpose, security, and infringement of rights).

2. The Company is not liable for any damages incurred by the User arising from the Service. However, this disclaimer shall not apply if the contract between the Company and the Users regarding the Service (including these Terms) is a consumer contract as defined in the Consumer Contract Act.

3. Even in the case provided in the proviso of the preceding paragraph, the Company is not liable for any damages incurred by the Users due to special circumstances (including cases where the Company or the Users foresaw or could have foreseen the occurrence of the damages) arising from the Company's default or tort due to negligence (excluding gross negligence). Also, the compensation for damages incurred by the User due to the Company's default or tort due to negligence (excluding gross negligence) shall be limited to the amount of the usage fee received from the Users in the month in which the damage occurred.

4. The Company is not liable for any transactions, communications, or disputes arising between the Users and other Users or third parties in connection with the Service.

Article 12 (Change of Service Content, etc.)

The Company may change the content of the Service or suspend the provision of the Service without notifying the Users, and are not liable for any damages incurred by the Users due to the change or suspention.

Article 13 (Change of Terms of Use)

The Company may change these Terms at any time without notifying the Users if deemed necessary. If the Users start using the Service after the change of these Terms, the Users shall be deemed to have agreed to the changed Terms.

Article 14 (Handling of Personal Information)

The Company shall handle personal information obtained through the use of the Service appropriately in accordance with the Company's "Privacy Policy".

Article 15 (Notification or Communication)

Notifications or communications between the Users and the Company shall be made by the method specified by the Company. The Company shall send notifications or communications to the contact information currently registered, unless there is a change notification from the Users in the manner separately specified by the Company, and these shall be deemed to have reached the Users at the time of transmission.

Article 16 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

The Users shall not transfer, or provide as collateral, their status under the usage contract or rights or obligations based on these Terms to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company.

Article 17 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

1. The interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

2. In the event of a dispute regarding the Service, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company's head office shall have exclusive agreed jurisdiction.