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About the "GameStock" content

About Sharing on Social Media (SNS)

"When you tap on the ' X ' icon on the home screen, you can post the field screen where you registered the stock to your own X account.

The post will include the app's hashtag and a URL link to your profile screen, allowing users of the app to find it on X."

※For Android, please tap the share button and select the X app.

Regarding Performance Prediction Races

To use this feature, navigate to the 'Performance Forecast Race' screen and choose the entry period ('1 week', '1 month', 'quarter') and the market capitalization category ('large', 'medium', 'small'). You can then vote for the stocks you want to enter.

The results of the predicted race can be checked at the appropriate times for each entry period.

Regarding the Direct Messaging (DM) feature

Using the DM (Direct Messaging) feature, users can engage in private conversations. Control over message reception can be configured in the Privacy Settings screen.

(Settings Screen) Menu > Settings > Privacy Settings

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