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About how to position players.

How to position stocks (players) on the field.

The stocks registered in the "List of Held Players" can be positioned as players on the field.

About changing the formation.

You can change the positions of players on the field all at once. For fine-tuning a player's position, you can move them by dragging the player icon.

About changing the uniform.

You can change the uniform of the players on the field.

Changing the Field Configuration

You can change the design of the field layout.

Regarding Player Information.

On the field, you can select and view the linked stock information of a player, such as "Percentage Change from Previous Day," "Percentage of Unrealized Profit/Loss," "Amount of Unrealized Profit/Loss," "Number of Shares," and "Percentage of Ownership."

Regarding unregistering information

You can use the "Trash Can" icon to unlink (reset) the associated brand information of a player on the field. By individually selecting a player on the field and then tapping the "Trash Can" icon, only the linkage information for that player will be removed.

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